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QUESTION: What is the name and contact info of the Fraternity Standards Chair or equivalent?

ANSWER: The Fraternity Director of Standards is listed in the Fraternity Yellow Pages and on the Members side of the website. Feel free to contact Fraternity Headquarters if you have trouble locating either - Toll free: 866-554-1870 or kkghq@kkg.

Kylie Smith Archivist/Museums Director

QUESTION: When is the next opportunity to hear a webinar about being a Chapter Registrar?

ANSWER: The next Chapter Registrar Officer Training Webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, February 11, 2015 at 9 pm.

Kelly Nylund Fraternity History Chairman

QUESTION: Are we able to add Alumnae Associations to this site as well? If so, would we be able to request historical information from the Fraternity for updating purposes?

ANSWER: We will definitely be able to add Alumnae Associations. The historical information at Fraternity Headquarters regarding Alumnae Associations is, we will have to rely on our Associations for their historical information.

Denise Rugani Fraternity History Chairman