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Conventions have brought together all that is Kappa nearly every biennium since 1876. It is "at General Convention" that Kappa Kappa Gamma conducts its business -- with election of officers, changes in bylaws, lively discussions and official reports -- and honors its members for achievement, excellence, fiscal responsibility, service, and loyalty. Kappas make a point, too, of pleasure part of the program; over the years, members have performed pageants, as part of the musical "Pickers," or as one of the Kappa Choir. They dress in mortarboards, white dresses and evening gowns, enjoy spectacular surroundings and friendships, share memories and humorous speeches, touch each others' hearts and memorialize Kappas lost.

Traditions have sprung up, changed, evolved, and endured at Convention. Kappas come together in terms of both generations and geography. Widely varied in terms of location, it is at Convention that members can discover the true scope of the Fraternity and first realize how big the organization is. Upon arrival, that immediate impression relates to the groups' size. Today's events draw an average of more than 1,000 members. Quickly, though, one sees that "big" also encompasses other attributes of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Past Grand President Helen Snyder Andres, Steiner, Washington, once said that at Convention one discovers "a big, big organization -- big in heart, big in spirit, big in values." ~History 2000, Kappa Kappa Gamma Through the Years

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The Alumnae Achievement Award
The Alumnae Achievement Award


The Loyalty Award
The Loyalty Award