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The Loyalty Award is the highest and most prestigious honor Kappa Kappa Gamma bestows upon a member. Only one is awarded in a biennium, reserved for an alumna whose many years of dedicated service have enriched the Fraternity, who has inspired members and who is loyal to Fraternity ideals.

Given in memory of Helena Flinn Ege, Pittsburgh, Fraternity President from 1948 to 1952, it was first presented in 1956 by Helen Cornish Hutchinson, Oklahoma, who said, "The beginning of Kappa experience must come in the chapter, continue in alumnae work and close only with life itself. ... If I were to choose one Kappa quality, I think it would be loyalty to the Fraternity, for Kappa loyalty implies the acceptance and execution of Kappa ideals."

Helena Ege exemplified loyalty throughout her life, working to promote and improve the Fraternity until her death August 23, 1956, at the age of 57. She was too ill to attend the Convention at which the Loyalty Award was first dedicated in her honor. Helena served as Director of Alumnae from 1944-1948 and as Fraternity President 1948-1952.

Like Helena, some Loyalty Award recipients have also served as Fraternity President, but many have not, including the first recipient, Marie Bryden MacNaughtan,Missouri, who spent many devoted years as a Council officer, Convention Committee transportation chairman and Kappa Magazine Agency chairman. She was the last Grand Registrar to serve the Fraternity, 1930-1934, after which the office was discontinued.

From 1956 until 2012 Loyalty Award recipients were given an engraved piece of silver, chosen specifically for the individual. In 2014 Fraternity Council created a Loyalty Award pin to be given to recipients.

Loyalty Award pin, first given in 2014

Between 1956 and 2018, 32 Kappas were selected by Council to receive the Loyalty Award; their photographs will hang at Fraternity Headquarters in the Loyal Leaders display, along with Fraternity and Foundation Presidents as well as Fraternity and Foundation Executive Directors.

Media related to the Loyalty Award

Year Name Chapter School Status
1956 Marie Bryden MacNaughton Theta Missouri In Memoriam
1958 Elizabeth Bogert Schofield Mu Butler In Memoriam
1960 Florence Burton Roth Beta Delta Michigan In Memoriam
1962 Beatrice Stanton Woodman Phi Boston In Memoriam
1964 Edith Reese Crabtree Beta Gamma Wooster In Memoriam
1966 Agnes Guthrie Favrot Beta Omicron Tulane In Memoriam
1968 Rheva Ott Shryock Beta Alpha Pennsylvania In Memoriam
1970 Frances Fatout Alexander Iota DePauw In Memoriam
1972 Mary Turner Whitney Beta Rho Deuteron Cincinnati In Memoriam
1974 Dr. "Doc" Miriam Locke Gamma Pi Alabama In Memoriam
1976 Mary Agnes (Gray) Graham Roberts Upsilon Northwestern In Memoriam
1978 Pauline Tomlin Beall Gamma Chi George Washington In Memoriam
1980 Helen Snyder Andres Steiner Beta Pi Washington In Memoriam
1982 Ruth Hoehle Lane Phi Boston In Memoriam
1984 Martha Gallaher Cox Rho Deuteron Ohio Wesleyan In Memoriam
1986 Phyllis Brinton Pyor Beta Mu Colorado In Memoriam
1988 Jean Hess Wells Delta Upsilon Georgia In Memoriam
1990 Marjorie Cross Bird Beta Mu Colorado In Memoriam
1992 Marjorie Matson Converse Gamma Delta Purdue In Memoriam
1994 Wilma Winberg Johnson Delta Nu Massachusetts Alumna
1996 Gay Chuba Barry Delta Alpha Penn State In Memoriam
1998 Vera Lewis Marine Delta Zeta Colorado College In Memoriam
2000 J. Dale Brubeck Gamma Kappa William and Mary Alumna
2002 Lois Catherman Heenehan Beta Sigma Adelphi In Memoriam
2004 Marilyn Nichols Bullock Gamma Alpha Kansas State Alumna
2006 Susannah Erck Howard Epsilon Zeta Florida State Alumna
2008 Jean Schmidt Delta Lambda Miami (Ohio) Alumna
2010 Julie Martin Mangis Gamma Chi George Washington Alumna
2012 Martha Hay Streibig Delta Indiana Alumna
2014 Linda Price Patton Delta Sigma Oklahoma State Alumna
2016 Patricia Coffee Gesell Delta Alpha Penn State Alumna
2018 Joan Cook Cohen Beta Mu Colorado Alumna
2020 Virtual Convention, no recipient
2022 Barbara Adams Goettelman Beta Tau Syracuse Alumna