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Zeta Zeta

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Highlights of 2019
Our Zeta Zeta chapter met new milestones this year with one of our members being awarded a Kappa scholarship. Our chapter also had the highest grades for any Greek organization on campus for the Spring semester of 2019. We recently implemented Sunshine Chair into our weekly chapter meetings where one person is appointed to tell the chapter something positive that happened to them over the course of the previous week. The chosen sister then chooses another girl to be it next week. This has brought our chapter closer together as we get to hear about each other’s weeks as well as keeps us in a positive mood during chapter.
On campus we know have to implement a financial transparnecy part of recruitment as well as no longer have a full philanthropy week.
Our chapter has been very postive and hard working as we hold many philanthropy events and particpate in other events as well. We also partiicpate in many intramurals and hold the highest grades in any greek organization on campus.
Our local philanthropy is the Special Learning Center in Jefferson City. The focus of this school is to help younger kids grow with their disabilties or developmental delays and to be able to expand their abilities that every child has. Being able to donate our time to a wide array of kids dealing with different disabilities and coming from all differnent backgrounds allows the parents to then have time to get groceries or other tasks that may seem simple to others but are a big deal to them.
or founders day we met in our chapter lounge to have dinner together. We brought out old composities from our zeta zeta chapter as well as scrapbooks and then played a trivia game regarding which famous and succesful women were Kappa alum.
==Highlights of 2020==

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