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Delta Pi

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'''Chapter:''' Our chapter has 55 active members which shows that we are a thriving and close-knit chapter. The women of the Delta Pi chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma are smart, supportive, friendly, and wonderful. Our members maintain an average GPA higher than the campus and panhellenic average, as well as holding leadership positions throughout campus in a variety of organizations, including Student Association and University Ambassadors, just to name a few. While each sisters differs in backgrounds and interests, we all come together through our Kappa Bond.
==Highlights of 2014==
January 2014 started with a bang as we co-hosted a “Where the Wild Things Are” date function with Delta Delta Delta. Each Kappa and Tri-Delt dressed as their favorite animal. Continuing our strong Panhellenic relationships, we also participated in a date function with Kappa Alpha Theta themed “Fairy Tale Murder Mystery.” For this event, each girl and her date dressed in costume and helped to solve the murder of Snow White. Later, Kappa and Sigma Chi came together for a Casino Night, complete with entertaining card games.
March was an exciting month for Kappa as well. Formal was hosted at Vive le Ranch, a vintage barn venue in Tulsa. Later that month, Phi Mu Alpha came to the house for an unique and memorable Harry Potter function. Potion-making and quidditch were the main entertainment for the evening. At Kappaccino, girls served coffee and pastries to students and alumni. Later, girls strengthened friendships within Kappa at a fun cupcake decorating contest.
In the 2014 Fall Semester, we had the privilege of welcoming sixteen new members into Delta Pi. During recruitment week, kappas had a blast at a Sky Zone sisterhood event. Before initiation, new members attended weekly informative meetings detailing their new commitments and all that Kappa could offer them in their coming years at University of Tulsa.
September was another busy month. At the “Back to School Splash,” Kappas and their dates had fun playing outdoor water games. The event ended with a massive water balloon fight and ice cream. Mom’s Day was a huge success as members invited their mothers or mother figures to come to the house for hors d’oeuvres and crafts. A beautiful banner was created, hung outside, and served as a fabulous backdrop for pictures.
Kappa’s philanthropy week was the last event of September. The week included Kappa Klassic Dodgeball and Kappasta. The line for Kappasta stretched down sorority row for almost the entirety of the event. Teams representing every fraternity and sorority competed in dodgeball and were coached by members of Kappa. Participation and teamwork during the week enabled Kappa to raise $2,867 for our charities, both national and local.
In October, the Delta Pi chapter paired with Pi Kappa Alpha for homecoming week. This week included a pie eating contest, street painting, and the campus bonfire on the Old U. Kappa joined with Kappa Alpha Order later in the month for a “NewlyWed” function. Each KA was paired with a member and they were given a short amount of time to get to know each other. Then each couple was asked a series of questions about each other, eventually leaving the last couple standing declared the winners.
Later in October, we were invited to Tri-Delt for a surprise Halloween-themed date function. Everyone dressed in costume, enjoyed the music, and participated in fun games and activities. The last events of year, Kappa Kissmas and Semi-Formal, gave Kappas memories to last a lifetime. For Kappa Kissmas, two guests were invited by each girl. Everyone was donned in fun Christmas apparel, and guests were given Christmas-themed gifts by their mystery Kappa date. Desserts and punch were served and Christmas spirit was high. Semi-Formal, dubbed “Boots and Bowties,” was held in a beautiful barn in Tulsa. Glowing lights and music provided atmosphere as couples two-stepped and enjoyed a delightful evening.
Kappa Kappa Gamma, as always, rose above the rest as intramural basketball champions for 2014 as well as Sigma Chi Derby Days champions! Finally, Kappa brought home the gold as the winners of Tri-Delta’s “Hoops for Hope.” In addition, we were proud to have four girls representing Kappa on fraternity row: Catherine Page as Sigma Chi Sweetheart, Rachel Winn as Kappa Alpha Order Rose, Pavlina Williams as Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl, and Laura Stebbins as Lambda Chi Crescent Girl.
Campus: The University of Tulsa continues to flourish and maintain its status as one of the most prestigious universities in the Midwest. Student population remains steadily increasing. Construction continues on the new dorms adjacent to the Student Union and should be open in the fall of 2015.
Chapter: Currently, Delta Pi chapter has 58 active members, the largest number seen in recent years. With a chapter full of unique and sincere girls, Delta Pi remains a large part of student and academic life on campus with university ambassadors, participants in panhellenic and Student Association meetings and events, honor societies, and charities. Although our GPA was not as high as in recent years, we still maintained a GPA higher than the panhellenic average. Delta Pi was honored for outstanding contribution to the Kappa Kappa Gamma foundation Panhellenic Awards and received the Standards Award for chapters under 85 members at convention this year. We also received the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sisterhood Award, the Circle of Excellence Academic Achievement Award, and the Outstanding Chapter President Award. Delta Pi continues to give girls the tools and support to become influential leaders and to make a difference.
==Highlights of 2020s==

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