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Juliana Fraser Wales, President 1992-1996

Juliana Fraser Wales BN – Ohio State (1948- )

As did Sally Nitschke, Juliana Fraser Wales started her Fraternity career as a leader of Beta Nu Chapter. “J.J.,” as friends know her, served as President of her pledge class, member of the Rush Committee, Second Vice President and President of Beta Nu; and her Fraternity service has continued uninterrupted since.

After graduation with a B.S. in Education, J.J. served as Field Secretary (1970-1972), followed by two terms as Chairman of Fraternity Education (1972-1976). She went on to serve as Gamma Province Director of Chapters (1976-1980), Director of Membership (1980-1984), Director of Chapters (1984-1988), Director of Field Representatives (1988-1990), and Vice President (1990-1992) before being elected President (1992-1996).

A long-range planning process that resulted in mission statements for the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation and Fraternity Headquarters distinguished J.J.’s presidency. This process facilitated the formulation of a plan including four goals related to continued Fraternity growth, exemplification and promotion of Fraternity values, financial security and effective programming for women supporting women.

Regional, intergenerational leadership conferences, called “Kappa Kinetics,” were developed and set in motion during her administration. SEEK – Self-Esteem for Every Kappa, also developed during J.J.’s term of office, received the Association of Fraternity Advisors Award in December 1992 for excellence in educational programming.

Published was The Kappa Leadership Guide, a comprehensive leadership skills manual, which J.J. directly helped develop which included newly drafted, individual booklets of instruction for all chapter officers and advisors and alumnae association officers.

J.J.’s administration also addressed the various aspects of diversity and inclusiveness in the Fraternity and developed a public relations strategy to promote, through different avenues, the Fraternity’s right to be a single-gender organization. Convention programming dealt with the larger women’s issues facing members and increasing Fraternity membership became a focus.

A New Member Program was developed, which shortened the pledge (now new member) period to six weeks, and the reference process was revised as recommended by the Membership Reference Process Task Force.

Significantly, the Foundation Board of Trustees was restructured and a Director of Development was hired. A Technology Task Force was created to develop a plan to keep the Fraternity on the “cutting edge.”

A History 2000 Committee was established to prepare this book of Kappa’s history. “I am incredibly proud of what has been accomplished,” J.J. said at the end of her four-year term.

The daughter and sister of Kappas, J.J. and husband Ross have two sons, two daughters-in-law, four granddaughters and another one on the way. Active in her Cincinnati, Ohio, community, J.J. is currently the executive director of a Cincinnati non-profit organization.

J.J.’s organizational skills, attention to detail, along with her global and visionary thinking are among her many attributes that have been so beneficial to the Fraternity. After her presidency, J.J. served as Chairman of Extension, Governmental Affairs Liaison, first alternate delegate on Kappa’s National Panhellenic Conference delegation, and NPC Delegate (2003-2009.

“The Fraternity is blessed with the very finest in women,” J.J. reflected during her presidential term. “We recognize the value of women of all ages, linking their lives for the benefit of each other throughout life’s discoveries. There is nothing ordinary about Kappa Kappa Gamma, our perspective, our leadership, our loyalty, our commitment, because there is nothing ordinary about any of us.” J.J. is one of these exceptional members of Kappa Kappa Gamma that she describes beautifully and commends.

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