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In the infancy of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Fraternity affairs were handled with extraordinary capability by a succession of Fraternity Presidents and Councils composed of Kappas in their early twenties, many of whom were still in college.

Having founded the Fraternity, it is natural that Alpha Chapter would be the first to preside as its governing body, or “Grand Chapter.” The officers of the Grand Chapter also served as officers of the Fraternity. Minnie Stewart was the Fraternity’s first President while serving as Alpha’s President, 1870-1872.

For 11 years, Kappa Kappa Gamma was governed by Grand Council Chapter, with Alpha – Monmouth, presiding from 1870-1876, Delta – Indiana, from 1876-1878 and Epsilon – Illinois Wesleyan, from 1878-1881.

The officers of these chapters handled correspondence with the other chapters and signed charters, but the national structure was loose, so loose, in fact, that the Convention of 1880 failed to materialize.

The following Kappas served as Grand President from 1870-1875 under the Grand Chapter form of governance and presided at Conventions:

1870-1872 Minnie Stewart (Nelson, Field) (1852-1898), president of Alpha Chapter, Monmouth

1870-1871 Alice Pillsbury (Shelly) (Died 7/1/1949), Monmouth

1872-1874 Frances Shelly (Martin) (Died 2/1/1880), Monmouth

1872-1875 Carrie (Caroline) Smith (1856-1906), Monmouth

1876-1877 Anna Buskirk (Hill) (1855-1915), Indiana Indiana became the Grand Chapter when Monmouth College banned Greek letter societies.

Agnes Haskell (Noyes) (Born 1855), Wisconsin, presided at Convention because Anna Buskirk was called home because of a family illness.

1878 Kate Hight (1859-1937), Indiana

1879 Lida Kline (Tuthill) (1856-1943), Illinois Wesleyan

1880 - Spring Lida Kline (Tuthill) (1856-1943), Illinois Wesleyan

1880 - Fall Emma Herron (Martin) (1859-1939), Illinois Wesleyan