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Eleanore Goodridge Campbell, President 1956-1960

Eleanore Goodridge Campbell, Beta Mu, Colorado (1904-1994)

Eleanore Goodridge Campbell was always known as “Goodie.” She was graduated cum laude from the University of Colorado with a major in mathematics and immediately became the chapter’s finance adviser after graduation. She created the idea of having an alumna “rush captain” before the Fraternity had an official policy for membership advisers, and served in that capacity nearly 20 years (and did not deny that she cut her honeymoon short to be back in time for chapter rush).

“Goodie” became President (1956-1960) after holding several offices, including President of the Denver Alumnae Association, Eta Province President (1941-1945), assistant in the West to the Director of Alumnae (1945-1948), Director of Alumnae (1948-1952) and Director of Membership (1952-1956).

Goodie’s obsession was the importance of membership, and she had a remarkable rapport with collegians. “Chapters are the grass roots of the Fraternity, and therefore maintaining the quality of membership is ALL important,” she once said.

Under her direction, state rush chairmen were appointed and rush techniques and guidelines were spelled out in Kappa Keystones. She initiated a plan to send one adviser from each chapter to Convention for training; the first attended the Convention of 1958. The Rehabilitation Program and its attendant scholarship aid represented another significant accomplishment during her tenure.

But there were troubles, too. Despite every effort to keep it open, Hearthstone was no longer financially feasible and at the 1960 Convention, the Fraternity voted to sell the house. (It sold in 1962.)

Troubling, too, were strong anti-fraternity attacks on many fronts. Goodie recognized the need to alert and educate the membership and established the Fraternity Research Chairmanship to accomplish this, appointing Edith Reese Crabtree to the post. In an excellent public relations move, The Key, celebrating its 75th year, published a special issue with a cover letter from Goodie, which was sent to administrators, educators, editors and others explaining “This Is Our Story.”

Goodie also believed in fun. “Let’s give three cheers for Kappa Kappa Gamma,” she proclaimed at the end of her remarks as toastmistress at the 1962 Convention, and both alumnae and collegians jumped to their feet and obliged. “I want Kappa to grow with the times but still stick to the essential ideals and standards,” she said. “Membership should be inspiring, challenging, rewarding and FUN.”

Goodie, who was also mother to two children, including a Kappa daughter, lost her husband during her last year in office. Rather than retire, however, she headed a committee of former Kappa Presidents to draft a resolution for the Centennial Program. She also served on the Fraternity Finance Committee for 10 years, finishing as its Chairman.

A Graduate Scholarship, given in her honor by the Denver Alumnae Association, is awarded annually.

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