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FoundedJanuary 1, 1871 (1871-01-01) (150 years ago)
CollegeSt. Mary's School
LocationKnoxville, Ill.
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Actual founding date in 1871 is unknown, January 1st inserted as a place holder.

Beta Chapter, St. Mary's School

Founded 1871; Closed 1874

Beta charter members: Mary Winter, Alice Winter

(from The History of Kappa Kappa Gamma 1870-1976)

The charter members were the entire chapter, and the charter was revoked in 1874. In a letter written January 5, 1899, Louise Bennett Boyd, Monmouth, wrote occurred to us that we ought to be letting our light shine so the 'A' chapter deputized Minnie Stewart, Monmouth, and Lou Bennett to go up to Knoxville, Illinois, and organize a chapter there among the students of St. Mary's Seminary. We met at the home of Miss Mary Winter, who was the first member named in the 'B' chapter. A severe storm and snow blockade interfered with the proceedings quite seriously...I never returned after that visit, but Minnie visited...frequently...

There was confusion at the time of the publication of the 1898 Catalogue. Knox College was listed as the site of Beta Chapter. Additions and corrections noted: "As far as can be ascertained, no chapter ever existed at Knox College."

Judge Foster of San Francisco read a letter written to his wife, Mary Winter Foster, about her life as a Kappa, and he said she had died and that her sister Alice was living and teaching in Hawaii. Alice wrote, (1899), verifying their membership, and the name of St. Mary's School.

When letters of Alice Pillsbury, Monmouth, came to light, one of June 21, 1875, read in part: "The Knoxville school has gone down and the chapter with it, I fear for good and all."

From 1881 until the 1890 Convention, Beta Beta Chapter, St. Lawrence University, was known as Beta Chapter, certainly not to be confused with the first "B".