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The Stewart House Museum

What’s history to you? Is it the recent four years of high school? Maybe it’s the decade you spent working for a local accounting firm or the years spent raising a family. Each of those is an important season and no doubt influences the way you think about the future. But what about history with a capital “H”?

The early days of Kappa Kappa Gamma coincide with the history of women during the Victorian Period. Our founding was a bold move by women who at the time didn’t have the right to vote. Our tradition of preparing women for leadership opportunities comes right from the pages of history as women campaigned for that right and the right to hold public office.


Knowing where we come from can help to put our current history into context. It can affirm for us that the struggles we encounter on the way to our goals are worth the effort—no matter how long it might take to achieve them. That is why we maintain The Stewart House Museum in Monmouth, Illinois, and our Fraternity Headquarters, Archives, and Heritage displays in Columbus, Ohio.

You can see why we think that the days of our founding — yes, and even the birth of the modern woman — are worth remembering. Worth it for what we might learn from others and for what it might tell us about the future.




The Stewart House Museum
Stewart House Museum
LocationMonmouth, Illinois
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Museums eNews

The Museums eNews is a newsletter that is written by the Foundation Museums Committee. It is sent to the Friends of the Museums (supporters who donate $100 or more the museums annually) with news and tidbits about The Stewart House Museum in Monmouth, Illinois, and The Heritage Museum at The Snowden-Gray House in Columbus, Ohio.


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