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Elizabeth Bogert Schofield, President 1940-1944

Elizabeth Bogert Schofield, Mu Chapter, Butler (1887-1962)

In this new administration, Elizabeth Bogert Schofield became Kappa’s first “President.” (1940-1944)

Beth served as 1908 Convention delegate and chapter Corresponding Secretary. She did her graduate work at Columbia and taught school in Indianapolis until her marriage in 1919.

Beth was an ardent Kappa throughout her life. Her special interests were aiding elderly Kappas through generous donations to the Rose McGill Fund and youthful Kappas through equally generous donations to the Undergraduate and Emergency Scholarship Funds.

She was especially important to Mu. She was the chapter’s first adviser and took part in every Mu initiation until her death. In 1923, she became President of Mu’s House Board. She subsequently took the reins of Mu’s Chapter Foundation in 1929 and served as its President for 25 years, overseeing completion of Mu’s chapter house in 1930 and the burning of the mortgage in 1948 --- a tribute to Beth Schofield’s financing and business skills. A trust fund of $25,000 was left to Mu by Beth’s husband Everett, interest from which supports a Schofield Scholarship given annually to a senior.

But Beth had long been important to Kappa on the national level as well. From 1915-1917, she was the first President of Delta Province. In 1929 she was appointed Fraternity chairman of budgeting and bookkeeping (now Chapter Finance) and printed the first booklet on chapter finances. In 1938, she was elected Director of Provinces.

Two years later, she became President, serving during World War II, when the Fraternity took an active part in war work. Kappa Service Women’s Centers, staffed by 1,200 Kappas throughout the nation, assisted 225,000 women during this time. The Nora Waln Fund for Refugee Children continued to receive support.

The Co-Organizer Program was expanded and the title changed to the Graduate Counselor Scholarship Program and, despite the war, four new chapters were installed: Delta Lambda – Miami, Delta Mu – Connecticut, Delta Nu – Massachusetts, Delta Xi – Carnegie-Mellon.

Because of the war, there was no Convention of 1944. Beth had completed her two terms as President and the Council appointed a new President under the provisions of the Fraternity Bylaws.

Beth continued to serve Kappa Kappa Gamma. She was Fraternity Ritualist from 1952-1956 and remained on the Ritual Committee until her death in 1962. In 1958, she received the Loyalty Award and 50-year pin, and in 1960 was honored at Convention for attending 25 Conventions.

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