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==Highlights of 2011-2020:==
==Highlights of 2011-2020:==
==Highlights of 2014==
It is amazing the amount of effort that goes into running a chapter each year, and how so much can happen in eight months! Our chapter experienced some growing pains, as we expanded from a chapter of 9 to 23. This year our chapter won Most Improved Chapter in the Panhellenic Sorority Awards. This was a big award for our chapter for the past two years because we have improved so much; in our retention, our spirit, our community involvement, and our academic achievement in particular. Our president Vanja organized a Sexual Health Workshop for all fraternities and sororities on campus; it was well attended and very informative! This year was the first year we began to have Monday Night dinners each month, which was the highlight of formal meeting night and ensured that everyone was on time (what can I say, Kappa's love food!). We hosted a Halloween party for the children of the Toronto St. Felix Centre and visited them during their after school program to play games, paint faces, and have fun. We also partnered with the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity to host a Christmas party for the same children from the St. Felix Centre, where we decorated gingerbread houses and played games. It was nice  to be reminded how to play like a youngster! Overall, most of our work was directed internally, as we wanted to build our chapter in a way that facilitates personal and chapter growth, individuality, community service, and sisterhood. 
There have been no large changes on our campus this year. We are trying to mix more with other sororities on campus because it is so meaningful to have friends in other houses. Our chapter is a mix of different women from different backgrounds, countries, and cultures. We feel we are the easygoing sorority on campus, putting a real effort into true friendships. It has been an experience to meet other Kappa chapters from the states; they feel so different from our own. I think it is our uniqueness that lends us the ability to try new things and learn from each others' experiences. 
We have a chapter- owned house, that holds 10 women. In 1965 we moved to our current location because our university kindly offered us $45,000 to vacate so they could build our present-day library. We bought our house in 1945 and have been here ever since. If you would like more information on this transaction, I have preserved the letters pertaining to this transaction with the university.

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