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Theta Alpha

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|Name= Theta Alpha
|GreekSymbol= ΘA
|Image= [[File:Binghamton-2SIUE_main.jpg|200px]]
|Founded= {{start date and years ago|2018|11|03}}
|College= Southern University Illinois Edwardsville
|Location= Edwardsville, Illinois
|District= Epsilon
|Homepage= [ Eta Omega Theta Alpha Chapter Website]|Media= [ Media related to Theta Alpha Chapter] }} '''Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Edwardsville, Illinois''''''Founded as Theta Alpha Chapter November 3, 2018''''''164 total initiates (as of January 2020)''' '''Charter members''': '''Outstanding Theta Alpha Alumnae:''' '''Outstanding Theta Alpha Alumnae''' '''Fraternity Officers:''' '''Fraternity Loyalty Award Recipients:''' '''Alumna Achievement Award Recipients:''' '''Additional Outstanding Theta Alpha Alumnae'''
==Highlights of 2018==

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