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Beta Psi

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Highlights of 2018
'''University of TorontoFounded May 24, Toronto, Ontario, Canada1911'''
'''Founded May 24, 1911'''
'''Beta Psi Chapter installed at Victoria College, Toronto, Ontario. Transferred to University of Toronto, May 1925'''
'''University of Toronto established in 1827, Toronto, Ontario, Canada'''
'''1,167 223 initiates (as of June 20142018)
=='''Rose McGill'''==
[[File:RoseMcGillHeadshot.jpg|200px|thumb|left|alt textRose McGill]]
The History of Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity, 1870 - 1930, describes
“...a frail wisp of sunny youth,
determination to regain the health
that the doctors had long since
despared despaired of.”
Said to have a carefree manner and
'''Charter Members:'''
Beatrice Maud Barry, Vera Davidson, Alexandrina Denne, Laura Denton, Lily Denton, Dora Forsythe, Grace Isabel Grange, Elsa Horning, Madeline Mary Jenner, Jessie Logie Keagey, Grace Winnifred MacLaren, Josephine McConnell, Lenora Porte, May Cecilia Shorey, Ethel Tait.
'''Some of Beta Psi’s Outstanding Members:'''
'''Fraternity Alumnae Achievement Award Recipients:'''
Marion Hilliard, 1950, 1 chief of obstetrics and gynecology at Women’s College Hospital, Toronto; Ruth Davison Reid, 1954, nutritionist; lecturer; Dorothy Mulholland Taylor, 1954, journalist; author; Gabrielle Jane Sellers Kroeger, 1966, foreign service officer with United Nations Division of External Affairs; F. Marguerite Hill, 1970, physician-in-chief at Women’s College Hospital, Toronto; Thora Mcllroy Mills, 1978, founding member of Diabetic Association and the Indian-Eskimo Association for Support of Native Peoples; Jean Rowe Casselman Wadds, 1984, Canadian diplomat; held high-level government positions; Barbara Leamen McDougall, 1990, Canada’s Minister of Employment and Immigration, Minister Responsible for the Status of Women; Marion Smith Davey, 1998, longtime volunteer and officer for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind
==University History==
==Highlights of 2014==
It is amazing the amount of effort that goes into running a chapter each year, and how so much can happen in eight months! Our chapter experienced some growing pains, as we expanded from a chapter of 9 to 23. This year our chapter won Most Improved Chapter in the Panhellenic Sorority Awards. This was a big award for our chapter for the past two years because we have improved so much; in our retention, our spirit, our community involvement, and our academic achievement in particular. Our president Vanja organized a Sexual Health Workshop for all fraternities and sororities on campus; it was well attended and very informative! This year was the first year we began to have Monday Night dinners each month, which was the highlight of formal meeting night and ensured that everyone was on time (what can I say, Kappa's love food!). We hosted a Halloween party for the children of the Toronto St. Felix Centre and visited them during their after school program to play games, paint faces, and have fun. We also partnered with the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity to host a Christmas party for the same children from the St. Felix Centre, where we decorated gingerbread houses and played games. It was nice to be reminded how to play like a youngster! Overall, most of our work was directed internally, as we wanted to build our chapter in a way that facilitates personal and chapter growth, individuality, community service, and sisterhood.
==Highlights There have been no large changes on our campus this year. We are trying to mix more with other sororities on campus because it is so meaningful to have friends in other houses. Our chapter is a mix of 2020s:==different women from different backgrounds, countries, and cultures. We feel we are the easygoing sorority on campus, putting a real effort into true friendships. It has been an experience to meet other Kappa chapters from the states; they feel so different from our own. I think it is our uniqueness that lends us the ability to try new things and learn from each others' experiences.
We have a chapter- owned house, that holds 10 women. In 1965 we moved to our current location because our university kindly offered us $45,000 to vacate so they could build our present-day library. We bought our house in 1945 and have been here ever since. If you would like more information on this transaction, I have preserved the letters pertaining to this transaction with the university.
==Highlights of 2015==
Information about the previous calendar year, scholarship, group honors/awards, Province awards, traditions, special events, philanthropic involvement, chapter goals, challenges and how they were overcome, world/local events that you participated in or helped with – Presidential campaigns, natural disasters, etc.
In January, we had an amazing sisterhood retreat to one of our sister’s farm houses in the beautiful Ontario countryside. We had a successful philanthropy event, Kappanda (Kappa Canada) in March where we raised almost $1000. We won three awards at the Panhellenic awards night in March - Most Improved, Alumna Appreciation, and Outstanding President awards. In September we had a successful recruitment in which we recruited 14 amazing sisters who have already shown their dedication to Beta Psi and Kappa. We had another great fall philanthropy event - Kappa Kantina - in November and raised $1300. We used the money for our annual holiday party with children from the St. Felix Centre in December. Beta Psi’s Initiation in November was the best it has been in years and we are so excited to welcome our new actives into sisterhood! Over the year we had an outstanding increase in GPA and now have the second highest GPA of all the sororities on campus. Over the summer we lost a few officers, but girls graciously stepped up to take their places in September and overall our officers had a very productive year. We couldn’t be more proud of our now-full chapter!
No recent changes on campus that I can think of. Our chapter prides itself on our close friendships and genuine sisterhood. While we have a relaxed and flexible attitude, we do not let this get in the way of performing our sisterly duties to the best of our abilities.     
Chapter Philanthropy:
What organization(s) has your chapter historically/traditionally raised money for, or donated hours to, in your community?
We most often raise money for the St. Felix Centre in downtown Toronto, a local organization with an after-school program for children. At the end of each fall semester, we host a holiday party with the children and use the money we raise to buy gifts for the children. This past spring semester, we donated to an organization on campus that one of our sisters is a part of that builds bridges in third world areas.
Why did your chapter choose this organization(s) to support?
Our chapter has supported the St. Felix Centre for the past few years and hopes to continue our relationship with the Centre for years to come. Beta Psi believes it is important to actively support our local community rather than blindly donate money, and spending time with the children of the St. Felix Centre is a great way to do so.     
==Highlights of 2016:==
'''Note This has been another amazing year at Beta Psi! In January, our joint chapter council and officer transitions went smoothly, all officers adapted to their new positions very quickly. At the end of the month we went on our annual sisterhood retreat to our sisters’ farm house in the country side. In February, we hosted our second annual Canadian themed philanthropy, Kappanada. Our Philanthropy Chairman, Jessica Maitland, introduced online donations which enabled our families and friends from far away to also contribute. We raised just over $2000 for The Red Door Shelter, an emergency shelter that offers aid for individuals in danger. We donated specifically to their children’s program that offers a comforting environment where they can feel safe. In March, we attended the Panhellenic Awards Ceremony where we were presented with 3 awards; Most Improved Chapter, Most Outstanding COB, and Most Outstanding President. Also, our Education Chairman and Chapter Registrarorganized a trivia night to improve the chapter’s understanding and knowledge of Kappa history. On May 24th of this year, Beta Psi celebrated its 105th anniversary! The house was empty in the summer as our House Board worked hard to complete several renovations, including a new window seat in the chapter room and cabinets in the dining room. Active members of Beta Psi moved in in August, filling the house once again. In September we recruited 15 wonderful new members into our chapter, surpassing Panhellenic quota. Beta Psi also won the Greek Week trophy this year, another great achievement for our chapter. Furthermore, in October we held our first philanthropy of the academic year, Kappa Karnival. We raised over $3000 for the St Felix Centre, a local community centre that provides a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment for the children in the community. We donated a portion of the proceeds directly to the organization, and used the remaining donations to host our annual Christmas party for the children of the St Felix Centre. We bought them presents, decorated gingerbread houses, and invited Santa Clause to distribute the gifts. This is a chapter favourite event and it is a great way to contribute in our community. Finally, a huge congratulations to our marshal, Kristen Sevick, for organizing the initiation of our 15 new members in November. It was the best initiation Beta Psi has organized in years and we are so excited to officially welcome them into our sisterhood. [[User:History|History]] ([[User talk:History|talk]]) ==Highlights of 2017==Beta Psi had an exciting year in 2017! Officer transitions in January went smoothly with officers adapting to their roles well. In January, we held our sisterhood retreat at our former President Hunter Sleeth's farm. In February, we held our annual Kappanada philanthropy for the charities Beautiful World and Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation. We raised money through our event and online donations from friends and family members. In March, Beta Psi won 4 Panhellenic awards, Panhellenic Spirit, Most Outstanding Chapter, Most Improved Chapter, and Outstanding Recruitment. In April, we held a exciting Sapphire Formal, organized by our Event Chair Lauren Goncalves at the end of the term where the women and their dates had dinner and danced at Lisbon by Night. With the beginning of school again we held a successful formal recruitment and COB, who were initiated on November 18th, 2017 thanks to the hard work of our Marshall Nicolette Zukowski and the whole chapter. In October, we held our first philanthropy of the 2017-2018 academic year. It was called Kappas in Wonderland, with an Alice in Wonderland theme and supported a University of Toronto-based group called Silence is Violence, which works to support sexual assault survivors and advocate for better policies. We also donated half of our proceeds to the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation. We concluded the year with elections and officer transitions, readying Kappa for 2018.  Beta Psi is a lively chapter and the 2017 Pledge Class added more energy and excitement to the chapter, especially as many will take on Chapter Council positions in 2018. The University opened the law school''s new library which has become a favorite study spot of many women in the chapter.  We continued to volunteer with the organization, Out in the Cold, which provides shelter and warm meals for those without a place live during the winter months in Toronto. We also held our annual Reading is Key event in December, where we host a Christmas Party for children from a local community centre.We supported both organizations because they help empower women. Beautiful World helps girls in developing countries be able to afford to go to school (from elementary to post-secondary) by providing supplies, transportation and other types of assistance. Silence is Violence is a survivor-driven that advocates for better policies, provides educational workshops and helps surivivors by providing resouces.  Please refer Beta Psi continues to your meet in our chapter archives house at 32 Madison Avenue. During the summer it underwent some aesthetic renovations including a new cushion for the window seat and a reorganization of the basement to include two beds and make it a more functional study space. ==Highlights of 2018==  It was another great year for the Kappa Kappa Gamma’s Beta Psi Chapter! Officertransitions in January went smoothly and the first Chapter Council meeting was a goodstart for Kappa in 2018. Our new member retreat at the end of January, held at 32 MadisonAve for the newly initiated members, made for some additional sisterhood bonding time.Kappanada (Kappa Canada), our annual philanthropy took place in February. After lots ofhard work on the part of the chapter and the Philanthropy Chairman; we raised money forthe charities: Beautiful World and the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation. In addition, ourchapter meeting minutes won a few Panhellenic awards such as 'Best New Member Programming', amember won 'Best Panhellenic Officer' and multiple women won awards for'Outstanding GPA'. In April, after a touching Senior Send-Off, we attended our SapphireFormal at the restaurant Lisbon by Night where we announced prizes, ate lots of food anddanced with our dates. After the well-deserved summer break, our chapter regrouped inSeptember to take part in a beautiful and well-organized recruitment and back issues COB,orchestrated by Shyanne Cole-Denault. In October, the new members got to experiencetheir first Kappa Philanthropy called Kappa Koachella (named after Coachella; the floweryCalifornian music festival). Half of the proceeds went to the Children’s Aid Foundationand the other half to the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation. November was a busy monthfor Kappa; Marshal Jessica Meszaros went above and beyond to organize an InspirationPeriod and Initiation that was conducted by the book and with grace. Later in the monththe Chapter headed out for a weekend to our Sisterhood retreat in Richmond Hill thanksto Nadian Shaban that welcomed us into her home. The year was concluded with Chapterelections and our annual Reading is Key Christmas party, where we host children andtheir families from a nearby school, to fill end off a great year! This year the University of Toronto decided to revoke the Panhellenic Council's ULiferecognition. However, efforts are being made on the part of Panhel and the sevensororities to try to restore these ties. For Beta Psi, 2018 has been a year of growth. Notonly has the chapter gotten closer but many members have put extra time and effort intohaving more sisterhood events, volunteering opportunities, and much more. This year the Chapter has supported Out in any gaps the Cold, which provides shelter and warmmeals for those without a place to live during the winter months in Toronto. In December,our women host a Christmas party for children at a nearby school, this is the above historical highlightsannual eventfor Reading is Key. Furthermore, our philanthropies have allowed us to donate to the KappaKappa Gamma Foundation, Beautiful World and Children’s Aid Canada. If your  ==Highlights of 2019== Beta Psi Chapter had a great 2019! We had successful officer transitions and soon after conducted Winter Continuous Open Bidding for the first time in five years, welcoming four new lovely members into our chapter archives are not complete. In January, we conducted our fifth annual Canadian-themed philanthropy, please research your university libraryKappanada, campus newspaper which was extremely successful in attendance and enthusiasm! We later had a registered nurse come to our house to talk to and yearbook archives for newsworthy information inform us about your women's reproductive health. Senior send off consisted of a lovely chapterdinner to recognize the seniors and all of their achievements. Please double check your work Additionally, a number of our wonderful members were awarded Alpha Awards, being recognized for accuracya 3. Contact 5+ GPA. We also had a study date with one of our sorority neighbours, Alpha Gamma Delta, and in April, we hosted our Sapphire formal social event. Senior Send off noted a close to our semester at our last meeting until September. [[File:Beta Psi chapter Advisory or House Board members2019.jpg|thumb|Beta Psi chapter 2019]] In September, we had a successful Fall formal recruitment where we recruited an amazing new pledge class. Bigs and littles took part in activities to then be paired together. In October we had our sisterhood retreat at our home, at 32 Madison Ave., and then at the "Rec Room", a fun arcade located in downtown Toronto. In October we then had our second philanthropy, local Alumnae Association membersScream Kweens, or your Province Director an exciting Halloween themed event with fabulous attendance and donations.  Our annual Founders Day brunch was hosted on October 20th which had a great turn out and where an abundace of Chapters Kappa Kappa Gamma alumni were awarded for assistance. Your efforts their contributions and involvement over the years! In November we conducted initiation, and in December we underwent our election process, passing on roles to a group of extremely motivated girls who will ensure continue the legacy of Beta Psi!  Kappa Kappa Gamma and other sororities on the University of Toronto Campus are still not recognized, and have had a complete continuous challenge with the city trying to licence us as a rooming house. Despite these challenges, our Chapter has had great growth within the past year. We have bonded and embraced our sisterhood through events and strive to always provide support and accurate history care to one another.   At our first philanthropy of the year, Kappanada, all of our collected proceeds were donated to the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation, Canada. The donations of your our following philanthropy, Scream Kweens, were given to the Canada Cancer Society. For our first philanthropy event, Kappanada, our chapter wanted to support the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation in its efforts to support women in scholarships. As for future generations our Scream Kweens philanthropy, we donated to enjoy!the Canada Cancer Society, as mulitple of our members and families in our community were directly affected by it around the time and we wanted to work together to support them.

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