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Ann Stafford Truesdell, President 2000-2004

Ann Stafford Truesdell

As the new millennium dawned, Kappa Kappa Gamma was poised for success under the presidency of Ann Stafford Truesdell (2000 – 2004). Described as "future–oriented, yet very present," Ann is a visionary with extensive knowledge and understanding of the Fraternity. Ann's term as President was marked by growth and a period of self-reflection for the entire organization.

Members of Kappa Kappa Gamma lead with integrity, and there is a discernable difference in the organization that was highlighted and expanded during the identity study completed during Ann’s presidency. Comprehensive interviews were conducted, which included the opinions of alumna and collegiate members, parents of collegiate members, school administrators and the general public. Out of this study came a wealth of information as well as the tagline, Tradition of Leadership, and a new identifier (or logo) combining Kappa Kappa Gamma’s two most recognizable symbols–”the key and the fleur–de–lis. A color palette was chosen, and overall standards of design helped pull together all of the publications that represent Kappa Kappa Gamma.

While the identity study perfected many items that are shared outside of Kappa Kappa Gamma, it was also under Ann’s Council that the Ritual Book was revised. Updates were made to incorporate changing policies and trends, all while maintaining the beautiful traditions that reflect the organization’s earliest days. A comprehensive revision of the Fraternity Bylaws and Standing Rules was also completed.

As a former educator, Ann’s personal values reflect a keen interest in lifelong learning, which carried over into her presidency. At the Convention of 2000, Pathways: Kappa Kappa Gamma's Continuous Education Experience was launched to a fanfare of color and celebration. The four quadrants of Pathways offer educational programs that emphasize self-discovery and intellectual development, interpersonal development, leadership and skill-building, and an understanding of and appreciation for Kappa.

The former Regional Trainer Program was also revamped, and the Kappa Trainer program emerged. Kappa Trainers are sent throughout the continent to work with chapters and alumnae associations using inspirational games, workshops and informal group discussions to demonstrate and teach team-building, improved communication and other leadership and life skills.

Ann and her Council rallied around another educational program with an eye toward the future. In the spring of 2004 after more than a year of planning, the Fraternity launched the Leadership Academy, with the assistance of a generous grant from the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation. Its purpose is the cultivation of leadership among our youngest members–sophomore and junior students who show potential for shaping our Fraternity and the world around us.

Another highlight of Ann’s second term as Fraternity President was the philanthropic partnership between Kappa Kappa Gamma and Reading Is Fundamental (RIF). Enthusiastically promoted and received at the 2004 General Convention, literacy became the new philanthropic focus of the Fraternity. Alumnae and collegians returned home from Convention with service and fund-raising ideas to partner with RIF to promote literacy in their communities.

As Ann and her Council worked tirelessly to grow the organization from the inside, there was also a movement toward growth on the outside. Three chapters were installed under Ann: Eta Zeta Chapter at John Carroll University, Eta Eta Chapter at the University of Central Florida, and Eta Theta Chapter at Harvard University.

It was Ann who envisioned using technology as a communication tool for the membership, reducing the need for paper communication. An updated database was installed and the Fraternity’s Web site was redesigned to incorporate Fraternity resources. The first virtual alumnae association was also chartered.

During her opening remarks at the 2004 General Convention in Kansas City, Mo., Ann Stafford Truesdell challenged the members of Kappa Kappa Gamma to live lives of purpose that have a lasting impact. With a leadership style that is diligent and often subtle, Ann demonstrates her own charge to “Do something that matters.” She continues to give back to Kappa Kappa Gamma, through volunteer service to the Fraternity and through giving to the Foundation.

On her way to becoming a Fraternity Council Officer, Ann held several positions including Gamma Province Director of Chapters, Chairman of Chapter Administration, and Assistant to the Director of Chapters. First elected to the Fraternity Council in 1990, Ann served as Director of Field Representatives, Director of Chapters, and Vice President before her election as Fraternity President in 2000.

After devoting herself to her teaching career, rearing two children with her husband, Tom, serving her community and guiding Kappa Kappa Gamma into the new millennium, Ann’s schedule may have slowed down a bit–but not much. Following her presidency, Ann was appointed Public Relations Chairman as well as serving the National Panhellenic Conference. From 2008-2013, Ann led the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation as Executive Director. She also served on the board of the North-American Interfraternity Conference Foundation. She also serves on the House Board of Gamma Omega Chapter and advises the chapter of Beta Theta Pi at Denison University. And she even carves out a little time to read a book or join friends on the golf course.

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