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Theta Delta
FoundedJune 29, 2020 (2020-06-29) (-1 year ago)
CollegeSeton Hall University
LocationSouth Orange, Jersey
HomepageTheta Delta Chapter Website
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Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey

Founded as Theta Delta Chapter on ___________

__ total initiates (as of January 2020)

Charter members:

Outstanding Theta Delta Alumnae:

Fraternity Officers:

Fraternity Loyalty Award Recipients:

Alumna Achievement Award Recipients:

Additional Outstanding Theta Delta Alumnae

History of Seton Hall University

From its founding in 1856 as Seton Hall College to the present day, Seton Hall has been dedicated to the vision of its founder, Bishop James Roosevelt Bayley, as “a home for the mind, the heart, and the spirit.” Its Catholic roots have made the University open to people of all faiths, creeds and colors. The seeds of diversity at Seton Hall were planted almost from its birth; during its first 12 years, Seton Hall enrolled more than 500 freshmen from 17 states and six foreign countries. The University continues to reflect the growing ethnic scope of its students and the increasing diversity of the Church and society it serves.


Charter and Installation:

Events and Highlights: