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Within this matter, as in others, Pernetti appears to were concerned, first and foremost, with minimizing the damage from the scandal, not acting in the very best interests of the field hockey players. Pernetti told Francesa "I am always looking to protect the interests and the reputation of the university" and also later emphasized that his / her priority was "what gives us the ability to work going forward in men's basketball even more importantly what protects the university. " Of course, that is part with his job. But it was revealing that at only 1 point in his 10minute conversing with Francesa did this individual actually express specific concern for your players themselves. And that was in an obviously selfserving context near the end of the conversing. Francesa asked Pernetti whether he'd thought about releasing the tape throughout December, when he suspended Rice. Pernetti said: "We didn't release the particular tape in December because there's current and previous student athletes on right now there, and I didn't would like to create a negative situation for those guys. I was trying to shield their best interests. " Francesa, who is sometimes a dogged and even incisive interviewer, was asleep at your wheel yesterday, so failed to consult basic followup questions, like: "how the hell really does withholding the tape protect the interests on the players? "
On Mike and Paul this morning, Mike Greenberg noted which, among the problems using Rice's conduct was the relatively powerless position the players are in. They are being abused by way of wellpaid coach (whose actions were almost surely known towards the AD already, even if he didn't see visual evidence of it until later) in addition to their recourse is just what exactly, exactly? Transfer and sit out 12 months because they are trying to flee a complete jackass? Pernetti expressed disgust from Rice's conduct yesterday and also insisted the coach were being held accountable, via a fine and also three game suspension (here's a list, by the way, of infractions that resulted in three game suspensions intended for NCAA athletes, including failing to submit paperwork by the due date. Now that's accountability!). In fact, and astonishingly, he kept referring for you to what Rice had done to be a "first offense, " as if Rice's abuses were a oneoff affair, rather than a recurrent pattern of behavior over two years. And it's worth noting that the three games Rice lay out were against UAB, Howard and Rider, three easy home game titles in December against fragile nonconference opponents, putting Rice back about the sidelines for the Major East opener against Syracuse around January. Not exactly a lethal blow towards the program.
Rice was a goner whenever the tape emerged. The fact that this is such a nobrainer is already strikes one and a couple of against Pernetti's own opinion. But strike three seemed to be his own conduct the other day. As people tried to create sense of why he thought it turned out OK for a documented serial abuser to hold coaching young athletes during Rutgers, Pernetti dissembled, sidestepped and evaded both responsibility along with the truth. If the interests on the university include everything but the wellbeing of the athletes under the coach's impose, then maybe Pernetti's activities in December and pursuing attempts to explain these folks make sense. But if athletes wellbeing is anything greater than an afterthought, Pernetti's conduct throughout plus his performance yesterday were a disgrace. Click here to leave a comment. HuffPost High School embraces a lively, thoughtful debate in this comment section. Post CommentTo reply to somewhat of a Comment: Click "Reply" at the end of the comment; after being approved a person's comment will appear straight underneath the comment anyone replied to.
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== Eric Bakich of baseball coach Michigan, not to use it being a excuse for cold. ==
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