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  • The Stewart House Museum, birthplace of Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity, in Monmouth, Illinois, ...a Gamma Constitution was written and the Charter was signed in The Stewart House. The home was owned and occupied by the family’s descendants until 1989 w
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  • ...nnett]], [[Hannah Jeannette “Jennie” Boyd]], [[Mary “Minnie” Moore Stewart]], [[Anna Elizabeth Willits]], [[Susan Burley Walker]], [[Martha Louisa... Minnie Stewart, first president of Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity 1870-1872
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  • '''Kappa's first president and founder, Mary "Minnie" Moore Stewart (Nelson) (Field).''' ...n October 19, 1852, in Oquawka, Ill. Parents were Isabella C. and James H. Stewart, a prominent lawyer, county lawyer and early acquaintance and supporter of
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  • ...yd and Lou Stevenson were given new badges by alumnae associations. Minnie Stewart went to three Conventions and must have worn a key; it is possible that her ...d-painted on ivory, are on loan from Alpha Deuteron Chapter to The Stewart House and contain what is supposedly Georgie Pillsbury’s key. It is said to be
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  • Mary Lou Maurhoff (Stewart), Graduate Counselor, 1954-1955; Lori Jurgovsky (Johnston), Chapter Consult ...Kappa's first home, but at the same time, many were excited to have a real house. Having this home helped the sisters to grow closer and everyone made the b
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  • ...ining room. By 1998, the Zeta Nu Kappas moved from the Kappa Kondo into a house located off-campus. ...archival purposes, a challenge that the chapter faced when they lost their house in 2004.
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  • House Chairman Danielle Ellis II <br> '''Fall 2008''' Eta Kappa got their house! <br>
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  • ...tablishing gracious, comfortable homes. Twenty-two girls live in the Kappa house, and it is the gathering place for the chapter of 50 or more. An addition is now being made to the beloved Kappa house, and the college, which holds title, is constantly helpful. The relationshi
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  • ...first formal initiation that took place at Sue Walker’s home with Minnie Stewart presiding (April 1, 1870). First Alpha business meeting to discuss the badg According to Lou, Minnie Stewart and Sue Walker had the first idea for a women’s fraternity in Summer 1869
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  • ...Founder’s Day by attending a ceremony and dinner at the Upsilon chapter house at neighboring Northwestern University. The chapter felt it was important f ...Religion, at a discounted price. Proceeds from the event went to Holly’s House™, the Child and Adult Advocacy Center based in Evansville, Indiana. The c
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  • ...ceful Nursery: Preparing a Home for Your Baby, published in 2006 by Random House, and two eGuides Love at Home: The Single Girl’s Guide to Feng Shui and L ...enting, The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Natural Health, Fitness, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Prevention.
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  • ...shington and Ingalls Streets. There were six more moves before the $19,000 house was built at 1204 Hill Street. Ground had been broken April 1910, and 22 gi ...azz band. A highlight of the year 1924 was the wedding of Theodosia Burton Stewart, X - Minnesota, daughter of the university president. The entire chapter, d
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  • ...ter subdivided and sold to John Burroughs Brown, who built the Tudor-style house that stands there today. ...ame on the permanent Fraternity roll of membership. Co-founder with Minnie Stewart of the second chapter, Beta, St. Mary’s Seminary, Knoxville, Ill., 1871,
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  • board; was adviser representative to Convention in 1960; was alumna house representative, 1960-70; Kappa Province Director of Alumnae, 1972-75; and S ...of the "Centennial Prayer," with lyrics and music written by Cheryl Edel (Stewart), then an Epsilon Delta pledge. The song was a real contribution to Kappa'
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  • ...odson Crump, the associate dean of students, provided a warm welcome. Sara Stewart, Beta Xi President and Donise Wilson, Epsilon Upsilon President, spoke as w ...r Spring Swing-a-thon where we raised and donated money to a local halfway house in Waco, Compassion Ministries. Last Spring was also full of many afternoon
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  • ...son Bennett, Pennsylvania; and Pi Province Director of Alumnae Heloise Lee Stewart, Oregon State, spent the weekend in Davis to participate in the installatio Lane. Since membership grew rapidly, the chapter relocated to a larger house at 311 Russell Boulevard with the help of the local alumnae in the summer o
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  • ...eption for more than 500 invited guests was given at the Kappa Alpha Theta house and it seemed to the hostesses that at least 500 attended. ...0s with other members very unhappy about not being able to live in it. The house could not be enlarged because new city building codes required adequate par
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  • possible … . The actives promise to do their Kappa best to make this house an abode of beauty.” ...ty Row in March 1965: “We are assembled here today to break ground for a house that will be a haven and a home for many in the years to come. As this act
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  • ...ishing a place of leadership on the Denison campus. Feeling the need for a house of their own to take the place of rooms which they were renting in town, th ...bers, who all lived in college dormitories. It was known as the "wee white house."
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  • ...up, who gave the fledgling group her wisdom, enthusiasm, and help, found a house for them to rent at 530 NW 11th Street. They floored the attic, which was t ..., and the guests impressed. They wondered how this small group in a modest house could carry out an extensive program of after-game courtesies, dinner, over
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  • ...ise Potts, Ruth Elizabeth Quigley, Eleanor Margaret Sprague, Mildred Grace Stewart, Dorothy Victoria Taylor Geraldine Catherine Wimmett, Marian Miner Wolcott. ...unhoused sororities. The Kappas inherited from Alpha Chi the Little White House as a rented meeting place until it was sold in 1946. The chapter then moved
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