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  • The Stewart House Museum, birthplace of Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity, in Monmouth, Illinois, ...a Gamma Constitution was written and the Charter was signed in The Stewart House. The home was owned and occupied by the family’s descendants until 1989 w
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  • ...nnett]], [[Hannah Jeannette “Jennie” Boyd]], [[Mary “Minnie” Moore Stewart]], [[Anna Elizabeth Willits]], [[Susan Burley Walker]], [[Martha Louisa... Minnie Stewart, first president of Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity 1870-1872
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  • '''Kappa's first president and founder, Mary "Minnie" Moore Stewart (Nelson) (Field).''' ...n October 19, 1852, in Oquawka, Ill. Parents were Isabella C. and James H. Stewart, a prominent lawyer, county lawyer and early acquaintance and supporter of
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  • ...yd and Lou Stevenson were given new badges by alumnae associations. Minnie Stewart went to three Conventions and must have worn a key; it is possible that her ...d-painted on ivory, are on loan from Alpha Deuteron Chapter to The Stewart House and contain what is supposedly Georgie Pillsbury’s key. It is said to be
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  • Mary Lou Maurhoff (Stewart), Graduate Counselor, 1954-1955; Lori Jurgovsky (Johnston), Chapter Consult ...Kappa's first home, but at the same time, many were excited to have a real house. Having this home helped the sisters to grow closer and everyone made the b
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  • ...includes Outside Sales and Weather Girl; Nancy Hanschman Dickerson—White House correspondent; publisher of Among Those Present, a 1976 memoir covering the ...apter house and the first women’s fraternity in Madison to build its own house.
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  •! Two year later one was rented and nine girls and a chaperone moved in. House rules ordered that bills must be paid; a budget must be kept; and social ru built for the chapter. Buying and furnishing the 10-room, Hitt Street house was a tremendous undertaking. The chapter was limited to 25; dues were $1;
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  • ...d creativity paid off, when it won the Scrappy Award and $500. The chapter house dedication and opening ceremony soon followed which was memorable and fun. ...Greek Entry. The chapter held a Founder’s Day celebration at the chapter house. The event educated, as well as offered a good time, to the members of KKG.
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  • ...ining room. By 1998, the Zeta Nu Kappas moved from the Kappa Kondo into a house located off-campus. ...archival purposes, a challenge that the chapter faced when they lost their house in 2004.
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  • ...rorities will soon include a Kappa house, sponsored by the University. Our house is planned for completion in 1990, and will join Phi Kappa Sigma, Zeta Tau all sisters could gather. October 13 was the formal dedication of the house, on top of Initiation and Founders Day...three events in one day! The pledg
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  • ...ved a very close second place award, despite being a significantly smaller house than others on campus. ...a chapter at the University of Idaho by staying at their beautiful chapter house. While attending Province meetings and dinners, the Zeta Pi women found kin
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  • ...son, 1986; Attorney, special assistant to the U.S. Attorney General, White House liaison ...tertain friends in their rooms after the football games. After the chapter house was built in 1916, these small gatherings developed into large open houses,
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  • rented the home of a professor on leave of absence, moved into a larger house in 1915. During the World War 1 years members of the chapter did Red Cross ...rnace blew up and other Greek groups invited the Kappas to meals until the house was restored.
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  • ...sed a rented dormitory room for meetings and activities. The first chapter house, built in 1931, was an Indian pueblo-style structure, in keeping with the c ...amma Beta left their hacienda but the new $325,444 multi-level white brick house offered New Mexican spaciousness of 19,000 square feet, more than enough ro
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  • ...e Kappas moved to various apartments until 1949, when a charming old stone house on West Winter Street was purchased with a loan from the Fraternity. ...Kappa apartments, planned a variety of social functions, and even arranged house parties at summer cottages on Lake Erie.
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  • ...ot lot with a comfortable house, and by fall the group had moved in to the house. Pictures of the living room from the 1916-1918 era revealed wicker and mis A new house, which utilized part of the old house on the old site, was erected in 1923. The Colonial style building accommoda
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  • with their families and play some fun literacy games. The same day, our House Advisor left with five of our council officers for the Kappa Leadership Con Soon thereafter, Eta Iota had the amazing opportunity to host the Minnie Stewart Van on November 9th. The van, a traveling museum that is on a year-long roa
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  • '''Fall 2008''' Eta Kappa got their house! <br> ...Monmouth College and the Stewart House Museum, the home of founder, Minnie Stewart. The college was founded by social reformers who opposed slavery and belie
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  • ...tablishing gracious, comfortable homes. Twenty-two girls live in the Kappa house, and it is the gathering place for the chapter of 50 or more. An addition is now being made to the beloved Kappa house, and the college, which holds title, is constantly helpful. The relationshi
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  • ...first formal initiation that took place at Sue Walker’s home with Minnie Stewart presiding (April 1, 1870). First Alpha business meeting to discuss the badg According to Lou, Minnie Stewart and Sue Walker had the first idea for a women’s fraternity in Summer 1869
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  • At first, meetings were held in Miss Sharp’s home. The first house, purchased in 1900, was at 903 West California, Urbana. A 1902 move was mad ...actives grew. Records of 1913 show how each girl earned $10 for the newest house by making curtains, canning fruit, ‘hiring out to family,” and “calli
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